There are many books available on the subject of taekwondo. One of the reasons I'm glad we use the WTF form of taekwondo is that we can go to any large bookstore and find detailed descriptions of the forms we use. My favorites are:


There are numerous websites with information about taekwondo. The two best ones I've found are:

Unfortunately, the main website for the World Taekwondo Federation, Kukkiwon, was destroyed by hackers several years ago. It used to provide detailed descriptions, including charts and videos, of all the WTF-approved forms, as well as information on testing conducted at Kukkiwon for the highest belt levels of taekwondo.


The two videos most applicable to the Master Martial Arts curriculum are, of course, the Master Martial Arts Color Belt Training DVD and Master Martial Arts Black Belt Training DVD. But there are many training DVDs available that may be of interest. The following appear to be useful to Master Martial Arts students: